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12V-24V 8A Full Smart Automatic Battery-chargers Digital LCD Display Car Lead Acid Battery Chargers Power Plus Repair Chargers

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1. Microprocessor control (CPU).
2. Fully automatic smart battery charger with 7 charging stages.
3. Automatic charging can prevent the battery from overcharging. Therefore, you can connect the charger to the battery for a long time.
• Suitable for most battery types, including calcium, gel and AGM, lithium batteries, lead-acid wet batteries. They can also help restore depleted and sulfated batteries.

• Switch mode technology: Yes
• Polarity protection: yes
• Output short circuit protection: yes
• Non-battery link protection: Yes
• Overvoltage protection: yes
• Overheating protection: yes
• Cooling fan: Yes
• Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
• Rated output: 12V 6A 24V 3A
• Minimum starting voltage: 8.0V
• Battery range: 6-120Ah
• Thermal protection: 65’C +/- 5’C
• Efficiency: 85%.
• Comply with standards: CB, CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014
• Dimensions (length × width × height): 160 × 100 × 55mm
• Weight: 450g

Package Included:
1*Car battery charger

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